Paleo Day 35 So close to the end (46 days) but will I stop???

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Day 35…. How do I feel?

I feel super proud of the fact that I have survived! I feel it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! I feel like I can do more than I ever thought I could!

Survival? Paleo living has proved to me something I knew about myself… I am a survivor! I have been through a lot if difficult situations in my life since childhood and I developed a strong will. When I put my mind to it I can and will accomplish all things. I have been to restaurants, bday parties, completely surrounded by delicious nonpaleo foods and did not bend!

Paleo is not difficult!!! YOU CAN DO IT! Anyone that wants to can do it! There are so many options and recipes readily available. Delicious whole foods are open for your consumption and can be combined into limitless creations! If all else fails grab a tuna packet and some veggies…. YOU CAN DO IT.. its easy!


I believe in myself more than ever. This lifestyle has reawakened a creative that I thought I lost! It has given me more confidence to ask for what I want and need! I am trying new things and not letting my negative self talk win! Yesterday, I played badminton (Sports and I do not mix) and I was decent at it! Today, I will be taking a new class Cardio Strike at a whole new gym! I have been told how hard it is but I don’t care I am ready!

Here is my most recent creation Fried bananas with fried almond butter… Enjoy!

1 sliced banana
1 tbs coconut sugar
2-3 tbs unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbs coconut oil
2 tbs almond butter

Heat the coconut oil in a nonstick skillet and add the banana. Allow the bananas to fry for a minute or 2. Add the coconut sugar, shredded coconut and cinnamon. Move everything around gently when it close to being done (everything smell yummy and looks cooked) add the almond butter to the side of pan. Let the almond butter pick up the flavors and seasoning from the pan once it’s browned (this happens quick) put everything on a plate and enjoy!



Paleo Mouseketeer

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“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”
Walt Disney

What is a Paleo girl to do when visiting the happiest place on earth???? Research research research!

I headed straight to the web to see what other Paleo Peeps do when visiting the house of mouse. I reviewed menus and planned out what I would buy and where I would stop! Don’t get me wrong so many delicious treats all around me really tempted me all day but I stood strong!

I decided it was best to be super prepared. I baked some eggs in the oven and gathered up Paleo friendly portable food for me too snack on all day.

The morning of our big trip I started the day with a delicious filling Paleo breakfast! It was delicious! I was super satisfied and even at the first stop at Flos V8 Cafe I had a few snacks and waited.

When dinner time came I was ready! I bought myself a ginormous turkey leg and took it to the restaurant my friends were eating at. I paired it up with a side salad and Tabasco as dressing it was perfect!

Being Paleo has not stopped me from enjoying life at all!!!!! Happy Wednesday!!!! Happy 4 week anniversary of being Paleo to me!





Road Tripping Paleonista

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This weekend was definitely a challenge. We went on a road trip and met up with family for some college hoops! I had a fabulous time and I was able to stay Paleo. I have learned to order food the way I need it to be and pack plenty of snacks! I drink mineral water to have something fizzy to drink and at the bar 100% agave tequila shots! I really didn’t want to drink for another week but it is all good and we had a great time! We shopped, ate and checked out the sights up the Cali Coast! Changing your life and subscribing to a different lifestyle does not mean you have to isolate yourself. I was able to enjoy my time with family eat delicious healthy foods and have fun!


Paleo Living = Real Living

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Day 14

Yes today is the 14th day of Lent. For Lent I became Paleo as my challenge however it has not been a sacrifice but an amazing experience.

I love to cook, bake and create! I love feeding my body food from nature food that increases my longevity and prolongs my life. I have 32 days left until Easter but I am thinking I might just stick to it. I am thinking I may even go one step further and complete the Whole30 Challenge.

I want to share my most recent creations a Paleo Carrot Cake! Here is the recipe I hope you love it as much as I do.

Paleo Carrot Cake

Preheat the oven to 350


1 cup Almond Flour

1/4 cup Almond Milk

2tbs Coconut Sugar

1tsp vanilla

2tbs cinnamon

2tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

2tsp baking soda

1lg roasted yam (roast at 400 for 1 hour, peel and refrigerate)

3/4 cup raisins

3/4 cup shredded carrots

1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

2 eggs

pinch of sea salt


Using a handmixer blend the sweet potato, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice until well combined. Add the shredded coconut and carrots and combine. Add the almond flour, baking soda, pinch of sea salt and raisins. Blend in the coconut milk and applesauce.

Place in oiled baking dish and bake for 28 mins at 350.



The Life of a Paleonista (Week 1)

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What was the hardest part of my first week gone Paleo???? The amount of work it takes to eat a healthy complete whole meal! Yesterday it looked like a bomb went off in my kitchen and that bombs goes off at least 3x a day! It is easier to make everything yourself instead of trying to figure out if it is Paleo or not. I am used to eating a spicy diet (true Latina) but being Paleo means no more bottled/jarred stuff…. what is a spicy girl to do? Make her own salsa! It came out delicious! It is wonderful playing with ingredients and creating delicious foods. As I type I have a morning “porridge” blooming: 1/2 a yam, 1 banana, 1tbs chia seeds, almond milk and shredded coconut. Paleo living requires to think about your food and flavors. I LOVE IT!!! Ok let me repeat this statement I LOVE IT! I am thriving with this new lifestyle! I need rules, I need perimeters, I need guidelines! I also love all the research and reading this lifestyle change is causing me to do. I feel I become more aware and learning new information! I will be taking progress pics today but regardless of the outcome I am in for at least the rest of Lent. 39 days to go!!!!!

Dinner: Shredded Beef, Spanish “Rice,” Plantain Chips, and Salsa


Here is my salsa recipe:

4 anaheim chillies

6 serrano chillies

5 cloves of garlic

1/2 large sweet onion

6 tomatilos

2 large tomatoes

Preheat oven to 400

Wash all produce. Place the anahheim chillies on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven until charred on both sides. about 20 mins flip half way through and keep checking. Place everything else in a pot of water and boil until soft. Remove the stems and place everything in the blender and blend to desired consistency. Add sea salt to taste and your done!


Day 4 Living The Paleo Life

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It’s Saturday night and I must say its been better than I expected! I went to a buffet and survived (my friend brought me two pieces of chicken) and even made some cool recipes! This transition is not without its problems… The first one being finding ingredients!

Tell me how one store can sell a jar of organic coconut oil for less than $5 and another store is hawking it for $12.99!!! I ended up paying $6.49 but geez… Found the same thing to be true for Nori, shredded coconut and honey. I went to 6 stores to gather the ingredients for Paleo Sushi and ground turkey lettuce wraps. I did find organic sustainable coconut sugar in my travels that didn’t break my bank account so that was good!

I had posted that I wasn’t going to use Swaps for 2 weeks… Rewind, change of plans! I had a cup of coffee today with one teaspoon of coconut sugar. So good!

All in all it was a fantastic first four days! My tummy definitely feels flatter! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…. 42 more days to go!

**** The White Rice Pictured was used to make my husband traditional sushi!****





Day 1 Paleo Adeventure

•February 14, 2013 • 5 Comments


Day 1 is done!!!! I have made a 46 day commitment to trying this new lifestyle. The thought of it is daunting but exciting at the same time. I made a preliminary decision not to swap/change up any recipes to make the Paleo for the first two weeks. No Paleo cookies or cake… Old school no sweets! Why?? I am trying to find out if it is possible to kill the cravings?? I have read once your off sugar you stop craving it??? We shall see!

Time for Day 2!!!! I got this!!!!!