Day 4 Living The Paleo Life

It’s Saturday night and I must say its been better than I expected! I went to a buffet and survived (my friend brought me two pieces of chicken) and even made some cool recipes! This transition is not without its problems… The first one being finding ingredients!

Tell me how one store can sell a jar of organic coconut oil for less than $5 and another store is hawking it for $12.99!!! I ended up paying $6.49 but geez… Found the same thing to be true for Nori, shredded coconut and honey. I went to 6 stores to gather the ingredients for Paleo Sushi and ground turkey lettuce wraps. I did find organic sustainable coconut sugar in my travels that didn’t break my bank account so that was good!

I had posted that I wasn’t going to use Swaps for 2 weeks… Rewind, change of plans! I had a cup of coffee today with one teaspoon of coconut sugar. So good!

All in all it was a fantastic first four days! My tummy definitely feels flatter! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…. 42 more days to go!

**** The White Rice Pictured was used to make my husband traditional sushi!****






~ by underemployedbutoverstimulated on February 17, 2013.

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