The Life of a Paleonista (Week 1)

What was the hardest part of my first week gone Paleo???? The amount of work it takes to eat a healthy complete whole meal! Yesterday it looked like a bomb went off in my kitchen and that bombs goes off at least 3x a day! It is easier to make everything yourself instead of trying to figure out if it is Paleo or not. I am used to eating a spicy diet (true Latina) but being Paleo means no more bottled/jarred stuff…. what is a spicy girl to do? Make her own salsa! It came out delicious! It is wonderful playing with ingredients and creating delicious foods. As I type I have a morning “porridge” blooming: 1/2 a yam, 1 banana, 1tbs chia seeds, almond milk and shredded coconut. Paleo living requires to think about your food and flavors. I LOVE IT!!! Ok let me repeat this statement I LOVE IT! I am thriving with this new lifestyle! I need rules, I need perimeters, I need guidelines! I also love all the research and reading this lifestyle change is causing me to do. I feel I become more aware and learning new information! I will be taking progress pics today but regardless of the outcome I am in for at least the rest of Lent. 39 days to go!!!!!

Dinner: Shredded Beef, Spanish “Rice,” Plantain Chips, and Salsa


Here is my salsa recipe:

4 anaheim chillies

6 serrano chillies

5 cloves of garlic

1/2 large sweet onion

6 tomatilos

2 large tomatoes

Preheat oven to 400

Wash all produce. Place the anahheim chillies on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven until charred on both sides. about 20 mins flip half way through and keep checking. Place everything else in a pot of water and boil until soft. Remove the stems and place everything in the blender and blend to desired consistency. Add sea salt to taste and your done!



~ by underemployedbutoverstimulated on February 20, 2013.

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